Joel Day - CV

Brighton, United Kingdom
tel: +447595992877

I'm a creative full stack web developer with over 10 years of commercial experience focused on PHP and Javascript.

I have lead and directed development and product teams as well as communicating and working very closely with CTOs, directors, clients and other internal teams.

Additionally, I have experience working remotely for clients, both employed and freelance, in teams and by myself.

Web Developer at Pallant Digital

February 2016 to May 2018

Working at an agency after working for a product company was a fantastic change, it brought many opportunities for me to work with new technologies, learn new skills and work on a wide range of projects.

From pure Javascript and Node applications, to serverless infrastructure, IOT and Voice APIs.

In addition to strengthening and refining my existing web development skills, I also had experience with the following;

Lead Developer at

February 2009 to 2016 is an online platform that allows users to build their own responsive ecommerce websites, currently housing 10,000 websites from a variety of sectors. Development included frontend and backend aspects of application functionality for users, API development, as well as internal tools and reports for the company.

As Lead Developer, I provided technical leadership of the product team and assumed overall accountability for all development work within the company. This involved making key decisions on the product in regards to UX, design and the direction of development, as well as developing the platform.

Applied Skills

Self Employed Developer

2005 to 2017

I have worked on various projects in my spare time, from static responsive websites, to video streaming services, both from the ground up, and modifying existing systems.

Applied Skills

Conferences and Workshops


3 A Levels including a B in computing at Penwith College, Penzance from 2005 to 2007. 10 GCSEs.

Other Interests

Listening to and watching live music, attempting to play the upright bass, 3d printing, I enjoy losing at pool and have an awful sense of humour. I like being outdoors (camping, walking, snowboarding), as well as hiding inside to watch some sci-fi or play video games.